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V2A stainless steel finished in


I tell you; “In every war, there are quiet moments between the storms, there are days when we lose faith, days when our allies turn against us, but there will never come a day when we stop fighting for what we believe in!”


The shisha / hookah / water pipe for at home and on the go

Thanks to our new & multi-part dip tube in V2A, with unscrewable diffuser,
you can now determine the response behavior of your THE HOOKAH yourself.
The short version is more direct and the long version is more indirect.
In any case, the diameter is dimensioned in such a way that nothing stands in the way of a brute draft.

Product details


Total height (up to brushed stainless steel coal plate) approx. 60 cm without molasses catcher
Total height (up to brushed stainless steel coal plate) approx. 67 cm with molasses catcher


  • Base stainless steel V2A
  • Closed chamber click system
  • V2A brushed stainless steel charcoal plate 24cm

    Bowl (crystal glass)


Scope of delivery

  • 1 x V2A stainless steel chimney top / BLACK
  • 1 x V2A brushed stainless steel charcoal plate BLACK
  • 1 x head grinding adapter 18/8 YELLOW
  • 1 x BUMBELBEE Molasses catcher 18/8 borosilicate glass
  • 1 x BUMBELBEE smoke column V2A stainless steel copper
  • 1 x BUMBELBEE Base V2A stainless steel
  • 4 x hose adapter 18/8 YELLOW
  • 4 x BLACK hose holder
  • 4 x end pieces 18/8 YELLOW
  • 4 x glass balls
  • 1 x multi-part dip tube V2A shortenable & extendable BLACK
  • 1 x unscrewable diffuser
  • 1 x anti-kink spring
  • 1 x Silicone tube black matt THE HOOKAH DESIGN
  • 1 x mouthpiece – THE HOOKAH BLACK
  • 1 x sound head five hole & HONOR TENDER BLACK Editon
  • 1x BUMBELBEE CUTTING hand-blown crystal glass BOWL


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